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Charlotte’s Web CBD

In our ever-evolving search for that premium CBD experience, we came across Charlotte’s Web CBD.

And guess what? We dove right in! We tried a range of products to give you an expert opinion on one of the top brands in the industry.

Charlotte's Web CBD products

Charlotte’s Web CBD Reputation

Charlotte’s Web CBD really prioritizes educating customers on their brand and on their products.

Their website holds the perfect balance of product information, their brand mission and their 5 star customer reviews. They are dedicated to perfecting their product in a way that benefits their customers and the planet.

This shines through with their B-corp certification, allowing their processes to remain sustainable for the environment, their customers and their workers.

Charlotte’s Web CBD: Transparency

Charlotte’s Web commitment to openness is prevalent all throughout their brand and their products.

With detailed lab reports and FDA approval, you are guaranteed the transparency that is needed for products within this space. And that’s not all – Charlotte’s Web CBD goes an extra mile with its unique third-party certification from NSF International.

Charlotte's web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD: Product variety

Whether you’re a CBD rookie or a pro, Charlotte’s Web CBD has your back with a range of potencies.

Along with their diverse product range, they have competitive prices for what they offer. Their rewards programme is also great for the budget-conscious. 


Charlotte’s Web is on a mission – a mission to deliver only the best. Their lovingly cultivated hemp, straight from the picturesque lands of Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon, is Gluten-free, Non-GMO and vegan.

Hemp plant

Let’s Dive into Our Favorites

Charlotte’s Web CBD for Dreamy Nights:

Charlotte's Web CBD gummies

Their Melatonin sleep gummies are a game-changer for restless nights. Falling asleep is made easy and waking up is even easier after a full night of quality rest.

Here’s a tip: start slow, maybe half a gummy, and find your sweet spot. Snuggle up with them.

Charlotte’s Web Everyday Elixir:

Charlottes web CBD everyday elixir

The original Charlotte’s Web formula is a must-have. From sharper focus to soothing muscle aches – it’s a go-to. We found that this is a perfect product for day-to-day wellness.

Plus, it’s packed with the goodness of full-spectrum CBD. Discover its magic.

Charlotte’s Web Perfect Starter Kit:

Charlottes web CBD starter pack

For the CBD newbie, their CBD 101 starter pack is sheer perfection. It’s a trifecta of CBD goodness: oil, capsules, and a skin-loving balm.

With this, you can experience a range of their products to find out what works best for you. Kickstart your journey


Charlotte’s Web commitment to quality and transparency is evident, making them a trusted brand in the CBD landscape. Their products are top quality following the best practices for their customers and for our planet.

To browse more of the Charlotte’s Web product range, visit their website.

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