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Is vaping CBD worth it?

One of the biggest and trendiest buzzwords of the last year has been cannabidiol, better known as CBD. This compound extracted from the cannabis plant has many medicinal, therapeutic and situational benefits. Look at this quick guide to find out why it has become so popular.

How can it help?

To be precise, CBD research has shown that the oil coming from the plant has anti-cancer properties, while new and more extensive research is being conducted every day and new benefits are being discovered regularly.
Many studies have shown that CBD helps with cognitive functions such as memory loss and dementia and it acts as an antipsychotic. Because of its high volume of antioxidants, it also gets rid of inflammation. Use of CBD oil has shown drastic improvement for anxious and depressed patients as well.

There is a reason for this. CBD works so well with mammal organisms because of the ECS. The endogenous cannabinoid system is the central regulatory system in the body that affects all biological processes. It consists of a group of molecules, known as cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors, which are attached to the molecules of the same.

This is, arguably, the most important physiological system involved in the creation and maintenance of human health. And when it comes to consuming CBD for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, there are many ways to do so. Besides using it sublingually, CBD can be put in food or vaped, using a convenient device made especially for this type of experience.

CBD Oils and CBD Juices are WAY different

The main thing which causes confusion is mixing CBD oil with CBD vape juice. The first one should only be used sublingually, because inserting it into a vape pen will clog the coil and taste very badly, because it is thicker than vape juice – a specific CBD liquid made exclusively for vape pens and rechargeables.

There are three different types of CBD vape liquid. Which suits best depends on a person’s desires, experience and needs.

The first one is CBD isolate vape – a white powder extracted from the plant. It is pure CBD, mixed with PG-VG oils (Propylene Glycol – Vegetable Glycerin). These oils come in various flavors – strawberry or cherry for example. Because of the PG-VG, this type of product causes a lot of vapor and smoke. It also represents the cheapest way of consuming CBD.
The second is full spectrum vape. It is not only made from CBD, but from other cannabinoids as well – terpenes and amino acids. This mix is extremely beneficial, because combined, these compounds create an entourage effect – they work in synergy and create great impact on the endocannabinoid system. Because there are no PG-VG oils in full spectrum vape, there is not really a lot of vapor even though the taste is present. Of course, this type of oil still does the job.
The third type and frankly, the best one is full spectrum vape with added terpenes. These are the compounds that give the cannabis plant its recognizable smell. It is the best option because terpenes add more beneficial effects for anxiety and pain relief. These potent cannabinoids carry the power to affect animal or human behavior when inhaled.

How to choose a vape pen

Now that we’ve gone over what types of CBD can be used for vaping, let’s see the different vape pens available:

The first one is the disposable CBD pen. These are an ideal option for beginners as they are the easiest to use, pre-filled and on the cheaper side.
There are also refillable and rechargeable vape pens, that could be found in your local vape shop. They come in three parts: the battery, the atomizer and the mouthpiece, filled with a CBD isolate vape. Some of these refillables have ceramic coil – which is best for full spectrum CBD oil.
It is assembled very easily: Simply add CBD liquid to the glass tank. Every vape has a LED battery indicator which shows how many puffs are remaining. When it’s empty, simply refill it and it will be ready for use.

These are recommended for advanced users as they require some maintenance like cleaning and refilling. You should read the user manual carefully to be sure you’re using it correctly.

There is also the option of prefilled cartridges – which are very convenient to use: simply buy the kit, and when its empty, throw it out and buy another cartridge. It is low, vapor wise, but the effects are there and felt. This option is probably the easiest to use because the cartridge is disposable.

Vaping is the fastest way to delivery CBD around the body

Vaping CBD is proved to be the fastest method of delivery – just a couple of minutes – because when it’s being smoked, the vapor is instantly attaching to the cells of the endocannabinoid system and its reaching homeostasis fast.

The vapor targets lungs and the chest area fast, which means it has the quickest absorption rate and the highest bioavailability, making it the most potent way to consume CBD and receive all the benefits.

Having that sad, if you want to target lung and chest area, vaping cannabidiol is the best way because it improves its function.

A vape is very convenient to carry outside the home, being portable and so easy to use. The experience is totally different from using traditional cigarettes or rolling papers, because no combustion, nicotine or those strong odors are present. It can be vaped in public, at work, at a restroom and it won’t bother anyone.

Downside to vaping

The only downside to vaping is the duration of its effects, keeping you dosed up to around 2 to 3 hours maximum.

When it comes to dosing, CBD oil is different for everybody. The ideal thing to do is to start with a very low dose, somewhere around 5mg. As the time passes by, the dosage can be increased by 5mg at the time. Starting low is cheaper and overall safer – a bigger amount may not suit you well at first.

Disposable vapes are 1-2mg per puff, where rechargeables are calculated by looking at the percentage of vape oil used in it.

Pay attention to CBD quality

Watch out for the products you use – avoid low quality ones which have bad ingredients. There are a lot of brands out there, so be sure to do your research and pick a high quality one to avoid all toxic agents.

Because it contains little (0.3%) to no THC, vaping will not alter your mind or get you high. Also, there is no way of overdosing on this substance, nor can you build a tolerance that you’d have to raise doses.

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Conclusion on vaping CBD

So, finally – vaping CBD in different forms (isolate, full spectrum or full spectrum with added terpenes) is a great way to combat anxiety, stress, to induce better sleep and pain relief and treat other, more serious medical issues in a convenient way.

Just remember – be sure to dose the liquid right, bring your vape pen or rechargeable wi

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