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CBD oils have popped up in mainstream media as one of the many natural ways to alleviate pain, anxiety, nausea. But what if they were just good for your general wellbeing like a multivitamin?  CBD is lipophilic which means it compounds in your body over time with your bodies natural fat. This adds to potential health benefits the longer you consume it.

CBD Will Not Get You High, So Daily Use Is Great!

CBD is a type of Cannaboid found in both hemp and marijuana. It does not contain THC and will not get someone high. CBD can be extracted to produce a high concentration of the oil for usage through various products, including capsules, lotions, ointments, sprays, and liquids. There are people in chronic pain who have been told by their doctor that traditional medicine was their only option. However, they found out that the side effects outweighed the benefits. When they turned to CBD as an alternative, they noticed that the natural healing properties decreased their pain while increasing their overall well-being and happiness.


CBD For Wellness, Natural Wellbeing.

CBD works by manipulating your cannabinoid receptors. CBD mimics the natural properties of cannabidiol, meaning it can extend beyond the pain-relieving capabilities to manipulate mood and appetite as well by positively affecting you  central nervous system.

We know you already know the benefits of CBD but here’s a quick overview of potential symptom relief. CBD can reduce inflammation, get rid of insomnia, decrease nausea, inhibit cell aging. All without any side effects like addiction or respiratory issues.

For many of us, skincare forms a significant part of our self-care routine. Including CBD as part of your skincare regime will help to supplement your skin with powerful nutrients and can help to reduce inflammation and acne breakouts

CBD is a great addition to your immune support regimen, helping to support healthy immune system function and it may assist with overall health and illness prevention, as well as enhancing healing and recovery.
CBD is a great daily supplement for so many reasons and we highly recommend using it.

HempHealth’s Best CBD For Wellness

Charlotte’s web are some of the pioneers when it comes to seeing CBD’s daily value. We have a tonne of respect for CBD companies that focus on specific ailments their customers might face but for so long we missed out on a general wellness gummy. Charlotte’s Web came to the rescue with one of the most delicious daily health products we have ever tried.

From Charlotte’s Web:

Spending time in nature has the power to increase our daily wellness. It lowers anxiety, can improve your mood, and helps you sleep soundly when it’s time. So, we took the power of nature – like a couple of hours spent outside – and packed it into one tasty, full-spectrum hemp extract gummy. Experience the benefits of nature every day.

Charlotte’s Web Wellness Gummies

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