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4 Best CBD Vapes For All Levels Of Users

Taking a look at all the ways one could safely consume cannabidiol vaping is one of the most convenient methods, supremely because of its fast-absorption and quick effects. Research on cannabidiol done by the Harvard Medical School was trying to prove or disregard its health claims and has led us to the conclusion that it truly subdues chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety.

There are different vape options out there: disposable pens, pre filled vape cartridges, and refillable/rechargeable vape pens – which are all great and it’s up to you to choose your personal best. So we’ve compiled a quick guide that should help you find your favorite flavor, pen or tank.

1: Sour Diesel CBD Terpene Vape Pen

If yummy, scrumptious flavors are your vibe, disposable vape pens are your winner choice, because they offer a simple but unique and irresistible experience every time you puff puff to chill or relax. Clean, fresh puffs that offer instant pain relief and muscle relaxation are just some of the benefits of vaping this sour flower flavor.

CBDFx vape pens are made from broad-spectrum organically grown CBD oil. Getting a bang for your buck with the disposable pen (only $19.99), it’s also a very discreet and compact way to enjoy your puffs. And the added terpenes, little compounds that give cannabis its recognizable smell only elevate the beneficial effects of CBD. When the pen runs out of vape liquid, dispose and choose the same or different flavor and relish. We recommend trying the Pineapple Express (trust us, it’s fantastic!).

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2: Lavander CBD Vape Pen

Vaping is certainly a better option than oral consumption of CBD if you’re not a fan of the taste of CBD drops. Frankly, some drops come off as bitter or too strong tasting, where the aftertaste of vapor doesn’t stay as much.

Another reason why vaping is so good is all the different flavors it can be fortified with. This pen has a lavender taste that not only smells godlike but it has aromatherapeutic properties for maximum relaxation. Taking a look at the amazing specifications of this vape pen, it looks like the ultimate CBD relaxation tool – with high potency – up to 2mg of CBD per 3-second puffs (which is a stronger dose), a ceramic core that safely distributes heat to the oil and the already mentioned tasteful spice. If you love the Lavender pen you can subscribe to SocialCBD and use the pen for a month before a new one arrives.

This all-in-one vape pen is a disposable one, so if you’re in the market for the same quality vape products, we highly recommend giving the Peppermint or the Lemon Vape Pen a try. The mint one is great for study and focus, while the lemon one regenerates all the senses and leaves you feeling fresh and awake.

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3: Quant Black QuantVapor

And for the more advanced vapers reading this (and everyone else who is ready to take their vaping experience to the next level), check out this lit matte black satin case that comes with many added goodies.

With the vaporizer, the charger, and the tank, Quant Black comes with a cleaning brush, a packing tool, and a stainless steel chamber as well. So, another full potential kit for the ultimate vaping experience. Sounds right? Yup and It’s also assembled very easily, by adding liquid to the tank and heating the vape and following the OLED indicator. Using Quant Black also means eco-friendly consumption, because it is durable and reusable.

There’s the option of buying a white tank, a marble one, and a walnut wood version, but our fav is definitely the black. What’s yours?

Learn More About Quant Vapor

4: Endoca CBD Vape Crystals

The last on the list is not really a vaping device but can be used with refillable and rechargeable ones. CBD crystals are actually isolates extracted from hemp plants, in this case, organically certified. Besides vaping, crystals can be used for dabbing as well. Apart from a small number of terpenes, the crystals are entirely THC-free. And it’s really easy and safe making your own vape oil mixed with cannabidiol crystals like the Endoca ones. Heating the vape oil to around 60 degrees and mixing it later with crystals (1 to 20 mg ratio) makes the perfect vape pen liquid. Vegan and gluten-free, none of the ingredients have genetically modified organisms. A safe and healthy product like this is what makes us going and inspired that CBD can be used for the right things – making us feel great with no harmful effects!

That’s the whole guide that hopefully gave you an idea of the options you have when it comes to vaping the mighty CBD. For all experience levels, these products really are amongst the best available on the market in our background, especially when all of them have such high-quality ingredients and positive feedback from happy customers.

Safe vaping!

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