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Best CBD Products for Sleep

A vital role of good health and happy life is sleep. A lot depends on how much you sleep – your physical but also your mental health. Sleeping 8 hours a day will strengthen your immune system, but in case you’re unable to sleep or suffer from insomnia, CBD could help.
Research showed that CBD helps those who lack sleep and/or have insomnia, so here are the best products for treating those situations specifically:

Important note: None of these products contain THC or have psychoactive effects.

#1: CBDPure: CBD Softgels

Kicking the list off with one of the best and most efficient ways of absorbing CBD – through softgels like these from CBDPure. If you crave healthy sleep and relaxation, added melatonin in combo with CBD will ensure more quality Zzz’s.

Two things make this product a really awesome choice on the list – first is the nanoemulsion technology that breaks down the oil to make it more bioavailable – meaning that the absorption of a smaller molecule is easier than the bigger one. The second is the water-soluble oil used in softgels which is absorbed two times more quickly than a standard tincture oil.

Melatonin, that is tested and ensured to be of high quality, is made not only to help one fall asleep but stay asleep during the night, without twitching.

It could be taken with food or on an empty stomach, depending on your preference. It shouldn’t be chewed because of its unpleasant texture but swallowed immediately.

One more thing – you can safely and securely give one softgel to your pet – especially a large dog who gets stressed or has trouble staying calm and falling asleep due to traumatic events or pain.

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#2: SolCBD: 3600 mg CBD Tincture

Having the fastest absorption rate of all the different ways to consume CBD products, tinctures should be placed under the tongue and held for a few minutes in order to start the absorption process.

To fall asleep more easily and feel refreshed and rested in the morning, a strong and potent tincture like this could be the solution, because it also boosts the immune function, protects the body, lowers anxiety and optimizes brain health. A perfect, natural way to bring your body in the state of balance (or as we like to call it – homeostasis).

It’s important to mention that this product is made from pure hemp extract combined with high concentrate MCT oil – fats that are naturally found in coconut oil, which improve the bioavailability of CBD. With a mild flavor that resembles green tea, SolCBD tinctures have no solvents, harmful chemicals, nor added flavors. Overall, tinctures are effective and simple, that’s why they’d be an awesome choice for you.

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#3 -CBD American Shaman: CBNight Water Soluble CBN Oil

Now, this product is made specifically and only for sleep, unlike the previous that has a beneficial effect on an array of symptoms. It’s great if you only wish to get your sleeping schedule back on track, which you definitely will if you use this water-soluble oil from American Shaman regularly.

Notice how it says CBN instead of CBD? It’s not a typo, it’s actually cannabinol that comes from the same hemp plant as CBD, but just in a different stage of growth. Heat, enzymes and UV light transform cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) into the CBN. It is then dissolved into a carrier oil as a tincture, and it can contain other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that naturally come from the hemp plant. Its main benefits are promoting relaxation and balancing sleep cycles, with no side effects. No groggy feelings after waking up, just pure energy and a sense of freshness.

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#4 – CBDistillery Hemp Oil Extract 300mg CBD

A predictable and restful sleep is what all of us want, right? Most likely, so incorporating a natural-based, lab-tested, vegan and GMO-free product into your everyday routine has a myriad of advantages.

The optimum blend of cannabinoids, macronutrients, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids come in the whole raw plant of hemp and all of those are used by CBDistillery to create holistic, high-quality, amazing products that take care of your well being.

CBD stimulates body’s natural balancing mechanism and regulates sleep, mood, appetite, and immune system. With over 3,500 reviews, this oil extract is a customer favorite, because it is unfiltered and maintains all of the 400 molecules in the hemp plant.

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#5 – Charlottes Web: Under $100 Gummy and Oil Bundle

Finishing off this listicle with the most convenient option for CBD products that induce sleep. This bundle is filled with a 17mg Oil and 60 CBD Sleep Gummies, both from Charlotte’s Web.

The hemp used is full-spectrum and grown in the USA, with no additives or dyes – which can result in different colors from batch to batch. That’s not a problem, knowing how beneficial and natural these supplements are.

You can easily share this bundle with a family member, roommate or friend, or you can buy it singly and enjoy it for a long time. Usually, gummies could be taken twice a day (10mg per gummy), in the morning to combat stress or at night to relax before bed and ensure quality sleep.

The tincture, as any other should be placed under the tongue for a minute or two, while it absorbs thoroughly.

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CBD For Sleep Summary

It is already well known that good sleep can prevent heart disease and stimulate your focus, alertness, and productivity. It comes down to this – the quality of life is directly influenced by the quality of your sleep. And this article and the products mentioned may help you elevate and upraise the quality of sleep, thus ensuring your physical and mental health as well.

Be sure to choose the type of product that is most true and comfortable for you and we’ll keep on giving you great tips for CBD.

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